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Quality Control

Prime Tele Power Solutions (PVT) Ltd believes at adherence of strict Quality Control procedures during our projects. To achieve expectations reliably and consistently, specifications are clearly spelled out, not only for results but also for processes. Specifications apply to materials, work steps, qualified personnel and subcontractors and suppliers, safe work rules and environmental work conditions.

The Quality Control Department ensures that work processes are controlled to ensure that the specified requirements are met. When appropriate, the Quality Department will specify project quality standards for work processes that may include:  

Procedures for carrying out process steps

Methods to monitor and control processes and characteristics

Acceptability criteria for workmanship

Tools, techniques and methods to be used to achieve the specified requirements.


The Quality Department ensures that all types of materials and equipment that affect quality are identified and controlled. The Quality Department evaluates the expected use of materials and equipment and identifies types of materials and equipment that may affect project quality.

For each item, the Quality Department sets specifications for their intended use, including:  

Compliance to contract requirements

Compliance to code and industry standards and listing requirements

Structural integrity




Product identification for traceability.

The Quality Department identifies controlled material and equipment that apply to the project. The Quality Manager ensures that purchase orders for listed materials and equipment include the relevant specifications as specified in Purchase Order Requirements. Only approved materials are used in the construction process.

All construction activities comply with generally accepted good workmanship practices and industry standards. The Quality Manager identifies supplemental requirements for industry standards that apply to a specific project on the Project Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan when it is not otherwise specified by the contract, contract technical specifications or approved drawings.